What QuickBooks will do for SMEs in Ghana

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If you are looking for QuickBooks vendors in Ghana, this guide will help you find the right seller and software version for your business or organisation.

Whether you are planning to start a new business, or already running an existing business in Ghana, you will definitely agree that well-managed bookkeeping system is one of the most difficult parts of financial management; this becomes frustrating if you have countless payment vouchers, bulk paper invoices, stock worksheet on excel, tax papers in files from your local authority – all in a cabinet- and don’t know how to properly make sense out of these source documents.

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It’s because of these challenges that smart business managers and accountants in Ghana have chosen to automate their accounting systems using QuickBooks accounting software.

QuickBooks Vendor in Ghana – Why You Should Buy QuickBooks For Your Business

  • Suitable for Ghana businesses in retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, real estate, travel, oil & gas, medical centres, IT product resellers, hotels, micro-credit, cooperatives, legal firms, auto dealers, school, consulting services, NGO, event managers.

  • Tracks all your cash inflow and outflow on a real-time while seeing your actual profit or loss by day, week, month or year on a real time.
  • Set your home currency in Ghana Cedis and manage multiple currency transactions at official or a preferred market exchange rates – enter forex purchases and sales, view foreign exchange gain or loss and generate financial reports in home currency.
  • You can also monitor your banking & credit card transactions: track cheque or cash payment to vendors, money transfers to other bank accounts and reconcile your bank balances with QuickBooks figure monthly.
  • Easily create, send and recall a record of all invoices issued to local and foreign customers/clients, track progress/instant payments against outstanding balances at a glance. QuickBooks lets you run a customers’ balance report, overdue invoice report, ageing report and collections details so you can plan your business based on expected future cash flow.
  • Every business incurs expenses, so it is the best practice to track how much you spend on accurate reporting and accountability. In QuickBooks, you can enter bills received from suppliers or contractors, track amount paid so far – by cheque, cash or online transfers – and see what is owed on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. If you want to pay your expenses by checking overdue bills, QuickBooks also makes it easy to sort expenses by date, vendors or currencies.
  • You can set-up VAT & Withholding tax, track charges, deductions and amount remittable to tax authorities in Ghana.
  • Managing your fixed asset has been made a lot easier in QuickBooks as you can view your asset records, record and automate depreciation entries.
  • You can attach all the relevant documents to QuickBooks from your computer; a perfect way to have an e-copy of your files.
  • For inventory based business in Ghana, you can import your inventories from excel sheet, monitor stock movements, reconcile warehouse/store balances and generate daily weekly, monthly inventory report.
  • Know how your business is doing via the report windows – Profit or Loss, Statement of Financial Position, CashFlow, and customise any type of report that will help management make decisions.
  • You can also have multiple users access and update QuickBooks software while limiting their roles too.
  • To help secure your data, you can also backup, run data file check and maintenance.

If you have questions or business-specific challenges you want us to address, our expert is here.

QuickBooks is affordable and easy to deploy, just call our support centre for help – +234810-509-0001, +234808-421-9399 or send your request to info@accountingsoftware.com.ng or bigresourcessolutions@gmail.com

QuickBooks software is available in two platforms – Desktop and Cloud.

The Desktop Versions are Pro, Premier & Enterprise Edition – while the cloud versions of QuickBooks are Simple Start, Essential, Online Plus and Enterprise Hosting

With our years of experience in the accounting software industry, you don’t have to bother about the right version for your business, all we do is ask you these questions and Voom! you are already half-way to getting the solution to your toughest accounting challenges.

  • What’s your line of business?
  • How do you make money and what type of expenses do you incur?
  • Are your customers and vendors within and/or outside Ghana?
  • Would like to track foreign exchange transactions?
  • Do you buy, assemble or manufacture your own products?
  • Are there units of measures for material purchases or sales?
  • Do you have multiple stores, branches or warehouse?
  • Do you transfer/distribute inventories to branches?
  • How many users do you want to give multiple access to a central data file?
  • Do you want to host your data file on a local server, wide area network or computer storage disk?
  • What report do you want the system to generate that you are not currently seeing or find it difficult to get on your current spreadsheet or accounting system

Questions like these have helped us deploy and trained the following clients:

  • Genesol Ghana (IT services)
  • Landmark Centre (Event Centre)
  • Sproxil Limited (Mobile Technology)
  • Anakle Limited (Digital Media Agency)
  • Aristokrat 360 Limited (Creative & Media Agency)
  • Pointek Limited (Telecom)
  • Olpharm Pharmacy (Health Products Import and Distributor)
  • Machine Nation Limited, a subsidiary of Chisco Transport (Auto Import & Repair)
  • Ericsson Nigeria Multipurpose Co-operative Society (Co-operatives)
  • American Air Sea Car Limited (Shipping & Logistics)
  • OPI Nigeria International Limited (Oil & Gas Servicing)
  • Zenilum Company Limited (Oil & Gas Servicing)
  • Lilygate Hotel (Hospitality)
  • Hawkes Legal (Legal)
  • Paraclete Limited (Manufacturing of Bottled Water)
  • Benstel Nigeria Limited (Manufacturing of Bottled Water & Dispenser)
  • MegaSea Water (Manufacturing of Sachet & Bottled Water)
  • Josien Holdings Limited (Retail & Distribution)
  • Biddel Oil & Gas Limited (Oil & Gas)
  • System Intelligenz Limited (Contractor)
  • DVenue (Event Management)
  • Infusion Cakes Nigeria (Bakery)
  • Northern Bridge Energy Limited (Oil & Gas)
  • Future Assured Initiatives (NGO)
  • Randivie Fashion Limited (Retail)
  • MagTech Information Security (IT)
  • Mountain Ice Travel & Tour (Travels)
  • Logos Travel Support & Solutions Ltd (Travels)
  • Travel Gallery Limited (Travels)
  • Temple Private School (Education)
  • ValueMart Supermarket (Retail)
  • Perliton Higgs Ltd (Solar & Power)
  • Mbaire Services Nigeria Ltd (Contractors)
  • Travel Options ( Travels)
  • Vektro Food Limited (Manufacturing & Retails)
  • Orient Petroleum PLC (Oil & Gas)

For QuickBooks purchases and support in Ghana, call our instant response centre on +2348105090001, +2348084219399 or email us at info@accountingsoftware.com.ng, bigresourcessolutions@gmail.com

QuickBooks Price In Ghana

Just like in Nigeria, the cost of QuickBooks in Ghana Cedis depend on the exchange rate of US dollars. The price of QuickBooks Pro edition per license range from 937Ghc – 1200Ghc  while Premier is selling for between 1500Ghc – 1750Ghc.

The more licenses you buy for additional users, the lower the price. You can find an updated price list of QuickBooks on our Accounting Software Ghan Store

BigResources Solutions (one of the authorized QuickBooks vendors in Ghana) is an accounting and financial software development company focused on helping small and growing businesses in Africa solve their toughest financial challenges using QuickBooks & custom applications.

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